Chair's Message

As a surgeon, we use dangerous means for surgical resection. It is fact that we harm human body with our scalpel, which itself is a very painful procedure for the patient. So why do we surgeons are particular about the painful and not so easy means? The answer lies in the tremendous trust and admiration for surgery. Surgical resection can not only remove the focus but also eliminate the fear, anguish and feeling of resignation felt by patients with their diseases. This is the power of surgery.

We treat the gastrointestinal tract, which composed by the food pathway and its associated organs. In these digestive organs, we have targeted the cancers developed in the esophagus, the stomach, the biliary tract and the pancreas. We assume these cancers as enemies and have challenged to eliminate these malignant diseases completely, safely and with minimal damage to the patients.

Surgical treatment has undergone huge change for the passed decades. Taking laparoscopic surgery for example, we can surgically remove the lesion by just making small incisions and utilizing specialized camera and surgical instruments. This type of surgery has significantly reduced the invasiveness of the surgery, and has been rapidly spreading all around the world. However, many techniques are still under the developing phase and are yet to be established as surgery. It is our responsibility to resolve these issues and spread the well-established techniques around the world.

Promoting next generation

Even in the new field of surgery such as laparoscopic one, we are just piling up new findings on knowledge and techniques that the past senior surgeons established through the innovation of surgery. We are responsible for continuing the slow but steady process of evolving the tradition of surgery.

It was the reason that our passion for education of our medical students and residents is second to none. Most of the surgeons have not been interested in training of skills. We need to establish training theory and method that can produce competent surgeons with a certain level of surgical skills. Due to this reason, we have organized the education team and started to establish the principles and evidences of “Surgical Education” as a new field in surgery.

Importance of surgical team

We need to form a surgical team to provide adequate surgical treatment. During the surgery and pre- and post-operative procedures for intractable cancers such as esophageal, biliary, and pancreatic cancer, only well-trained and organized surgical team can rescue the patients. When all the members in a huge group move towards same goal, it is possible to create a huge force. That is the surgical team we are aiming for. It requires many young surgeons having similar ambition to cure the patients.

There are 3 core values that the members of our surgical team must possess:

Our Credo

We will make this “Credo” in our mind and aim to fulfill “Our Mission” and to achieve “Our Vision” as below.

  • Be passionate about everything
  • Give same love and care to your patients as to your family
  • Have courage about everything

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the greatest happiness to patients with disease or physical handicap by achieving courageous innovation of the surgical therapy based on the outstanding basic or clinical research.

  • To establish the multidisciplinary treatment method including surgical treatment for hard to treat cancer
  • To develop and spread new innovative minimally invasive surgical methods
  • To develop human resources through education of students and residents
  • To introduce surgical training to foster the competence of surgical team

Our Vision

We shall be the leading surgical team in the world, based on the scientific research conducted by abundant human resources. We are making "The History of Surgery"