Surgical Education Group

The awareness about the importance of surgical education to the medical students and residents has been increasing among the faculty of surgery in Japan. Educational institutes have begun establishing teaching programs and exploring and adopting various teaching methods to educate and train medical students and residents. However, how do we evaluate the surgical competency of trainees? How do we determine the evaluation criteria when creating a residency program? What are the best teaching methods?

30 years ago, the research began in the field of Surgical Education in North America, to look into these questions, and has now become an important subject in the field of surgery.
Our department has become pioneer in surgical education field, which is still in its developing phase in Japan, by establishing a “Surgical Education Research Group”. Our group aims to develop and research on the surgical education system.

We have been doing various works on the field of surgical education like developing surgical education curriculum for both medical students and post graduate trainings, organizing various seminar, hosting surgical education conference. As the leaders in the field of surgical education in Japan, our group is currently pursuing following research to develop novel surgical education tools and systems.

Research Projects

  • Establishment of a remote surgical education curriculum through an internet-based, two-way communication system. (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2014: Surgery)
  • Establishment of a curriculum for cadaver analysis education to aid in endoscopic surgery technique training. (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2014: Surgery)
  • Survey of the state of surgical education in Japan
  • Inquiry of the current state of knowledge on the safe use of electric energy devices
  • Development of evaluation and training system for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair
  • Development of evaluation and training system for laparoscopic gastrictomy